1. Input data enrichment

D_CRRYNG_AMNT1 (Derivation of "Carrying amount" for IFRS related "Accounting classificiations" (loans cube))
D_CRRYNG_AMNT2 (Derivation of "Carrying amount" for IFRS related "Accounting classificiations" (instruments cube))
D_ENTRPRS_SZ_CLCLTD1 (Derivation of “Enterprise size”)
D_EXPSR_CLSS_AND_RSK_WGHT (Preparation of dataset containing Risk weight and Exposure class)

2. Data arrangement

T_CNTRPRTS_E (Counterparties enriched input layer.)
T_CNTRY_E (Countries reference information enriched input layer)
T_CRDT_FCLTS_E (Credit facilities enriched input layer.)
T_CRDT_FCLTS_INSTRMNTS_E (Credit facilities instruments enriched input layer.)
T_INSTRMNTS_PRTCTNS_E (Instruments protections enriched input layer.)
T_JNT_CNTRPRTS_E (Joint counterparties enriched input layer)
T_LN_E (Loans enriched input layer.)
T_OWND_SCRTY_E (Owned security enriched input layer.)
T_PRTCTN_RCVD_E (Protection received enriched input layer)
T_PSTV_CRRNT_ACCNT_E (Positive current account enriched input layer..)
T_RGSTRY_TBL_SCRTS_E (Registry table of securities enriched input layer)
T_RL_ESTT_CLM_E (Real estate claim enriched input layer.)
T_RL_ESTT_PRTCTN_CLM_E (Real estate protection claim enriched input layer.)
T_RL_ESTT_PRTCTN_E (Real estate protection enriched input layer.)
T_SCRTSTNS_OTHR_CRDT_TRNSFRS_E (Securitisations and other credit transfers enriched input layer)
T_TRNSCTNS_CNTRPRTS_E (Transaction counterparties enriched input layer.)

3. Write

T_PT_CNTRPRTS_E (Put "Counterparties - Enriched")
T_PT_CNTRY_E (Put "Countries reference information - Enriched")
T_PT_CRDT_FCLTS_E (Put "Credit facilities - Enriched")
T_PT_CRDT_FCLTS_INSTRMNTS_E (Put "Credit facilities-instruments - Enriched")
T_PT_INSTRMNTS_PRTCTNS_E (Put "Instruments-protections - Enriched")
T_PT_JNT_CNTRPRTS_E (Put "Joint counterparties - Enriched")
T_PT_LN_E (Put "Loan - Enriched")
T_PT_OWND_SCRTY_E (Put "Owned security - Enriched")
T_PT_PRTCTN_RCVD_E (Put "Protection received - Enriched")
T_PT_PSTV_CRRNT_ACCNT_E (Put "Positive current accounts - Enriched")
T_PT_RGSTRY_TBL_SCRTS_E (Put "Registry table of securities - Enriched")
T_PT_RL_ESTT_CLM_E (Put "Real estate claim - Enriched")
T_PT_RL_ESTT_PRTCTN_CLM_E (Put "Real estate protection-Real estate claim - Enriched")
T_PT_RL_ESTT_PRTCTN_E (Put "Real estate protection - Enriched")
T_PT_SCRTSTNS_OTHR_CRDT_TRNSFRS_E (Put "Securitisations and other credit transfers - Enriched")
T_PT_TRNSCTNS_CNTRPRTS_E (Put "Transactions-Counterparties - Enriched")