Characteristics for credit risk

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0 Not applicable
1 Financial corporation to which the exposures are treated as exposures to institutions It refers to: a) credit institutions and investment firms (Article 4(1)(3) of CRR) resident in the Union; b) qualifying central counterparties (Article 107(2)(a) of CRR) resident in the Union; c) institutions of third countries that apply prudential supervisory and regulatory requirements at least equivalent to those applied in the Union (see Commission Implementing Decision of 12 December 2014 (2014/908/EU) according to Article 107(4) of CRR); d) financial institutions authorised and supervised by the competent authorities and subject to prudential requirements comparable to those applied to institutions in terms of robustness (Article 119(5) CRR).
2 Credit institutions, central, state and local government to be classified as public sector entity under Article 4(1)(8) of CRR
3 Central, state and local government that is a corporate under Article 122 of CRR