Project Status

In 2013 the Statistics Committee (STC) of the European System of Central Banks has investigated the possibility to promote an integrated approach to supervisory and statistical data.

In 2014 an STC Groupe de Réflexion recommended the development, in close collaboration with the banking industry, of a European “input approach” model which would provide a standardised design of the banks’ internal data warehouses to support the data reporting to the authorities.

In 2015 a workshop with the industry, hosted by the ECB, has indicated as the best approach for launching the implementation of BIRD, the implementation of the new requirements related to the collection of granular credit and credit risk data (hereafter AnaCredit) as defined in Regulation (EU) 2016/867), and data on holdings of securities (hereafter SHS) as defined in Regulation (EU) No 1011/2012 as amended by Regulation (EU) 2016/1384.

Considering the limited time for implementing the AnaCredit and SHS requirements, it was decided to start with a light short term approach via a BIRD pilot for AnaCredit and SHS. The BIRD pilot started in 2015 with some volunteer National Central Banks (NCBs) and banks contacted by each participating NCB.

The BIRD pilot has been successfully concluded in April 2017, with the publication as a public good and free of charge of a comprehensive and detailed documentation describing in a formal language how the requirements addressed to banks with respect to the ECB Regulations on AnaCredit and Securities Holdings Statistics (for banking groups) may be satisfied by using data from the banks’ internal systems.
Based on the good results of the BIRD pilot, the European Banking Authority FinRep templates have been added to the BIRD in June 2018.

On the first of March 2019, the EBA Implementing Technical Standards with respect to Resolution Planning data requirements have been added in the BIRD Database.

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