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Member ID Name Definition
11 Purposes other than real estate purchase, margin lending, debt financing, imports, exports, construction investment, working capital facility Other purposes not included in other categories of financing, including loans for consumption purposes to sole proprietorships/partnerships without legal status (see Part 3 of Annex II) if these are not already reported under the category ‘consumption’.
12 Residential real estate purchase Financing of residential property. Residential property is defined in Article 4(1)(75) of Regulation (EU) No 575/2013.
13 Commercial real estate purchase Financing of real estate property other than residential property.
2 Lending for house purchase Financing for a house purchase in accordance with Part 2 of Annex II of Regulation (EU) 1071/2013 (ECB/2013/33).
4 Margin lending Instruments in which an institution extends credit in connection with the purchase, sale, carrying or trading of securities. Margin lending instruments do not include other loans that are secured by collateral in the form of securities.
5 Debt financing Financing of outstanding or maturing debt. This includes debt refinancing.
6 Imports Financing of goods and services (purchases, barter and/or gifts) from non-residents to residents.
7 Exports Financing of goods and services (sales, barter and/or gifts) from residents to non-residents.
8 Construction investment Financing of construction of buildings, infrastructure and industrial facilities.
9 Working capital facility Financing the cash flow management of an organisation.