The annual workshop with software vendors will be held end September at the ECB premises in Frankfurt.

The workshop’s purpose is to establish a dialog with software vendors in order to ensure a sound development of the more technical aspects of the BIRD documentation and consequently improve the active usability of the BIRD.

The workshop will address the methodology used to formally define the BIRD’s content, with a special emphasis on the BIRD testing activities. The main topics for discussion, as part of a general review of the BIRD, will be the BIRD testing activity in particular the process for testing the BIRD transformation rules.

During the meeting we plan to launch also a request for volunteers that would like to support the testing phase planned for the last quarter of 2018.

If you are interested in the workshop and/or in testing the BIRD send us an e-mail to by the end of August.

In case the number of applications exceed the maximum number of people that we are able to host (max 50 participants), the rule first code, first serve will be applied. Moreover to give the opportunity to a wider number of companies to participate, only one representative for each company will be accepted.

Please find an overview of the BIRD process, including testing activities here.