The annual workshop with software vendors was held in September 2018 at the ECB premises in Frankfurt.

The workshop’s purpose was to establish a dialog with software vendors in order to ensure a sound development of the more technical aspects of the BIRD documentation and consequently improve the active usability of the BIRD.

The workshop addressed the methodology used to formally define the BIRD’s content, with a special emphasis on the BIRD testing activities. The main topics for discussion, as part of a general review of the BIRD, were the BIRD testing activity, in particular the process for testing the BIRD transformation rules.

Please find an overview of the BIRD process, including testing activities here.

Presentations and materials from the workshop (September 2018)

List of Participants

1. BIRD methodology – The BIRD process
2. BIRD methodology – Definition of data sets
3. BIRD methodology – Mappings
4. BIRD methodology – Transformations
5. BIRD methodology – Historization, versioning
6. BIRD methodology – Extensibility
Testing process

meaningfulData presentation on the VTL Engine