BIRD Steering Group


The governing body of the BIRD is the BIRD Steering group (BIRD-SG) responsible for setting the objectives of the BIRD project and providing the resources that are necessary in order to accomplish these objectives. It consists of members from the banking industry and the European System of Central Banks (ESCB) reporting to their representatives in the Banking Industry Dialogue on ESCB statistics.

The inaugurual meeting of the BIRD-SG took place in Frankfurt on the 23rd of April, in which the two co-chairpersons, Mr Massimo Casa representing the ESCB and Ms Olivia Hauet representing the banking industry, were nominated.

For more information about the responsibilities of the BIRD-SG please consult the Charter of the Steering Group of Banks’ Integrated Reporting Dictionary (see below).

Meeting Materials

Inaugural meeting 23 April 2018

Bank Integrated Reporting Dictionary – Steering Group Charter

– Minutes of the inaugural meeting, 23rd of April 2018 (.pdf)

BIRD work plan 2018-2020

Composition of the Steering group
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