BIRD workshop September 2017

During the last week of September 2017, the ECB BIRD Group has organised a methodology workshop involving consultants and software vendors who have express their interest in participating through the survey published on the BIRD website in July.

The intention of the workshop was to discuss the BIRD methodology, the way the BIRD is described. Concretely, it has been discussed in detail the SMCube information model for describing datasets, the VTL language to describe transformations, and other technical aspects, like versioning, extensibility or APIs.

For those who were not able to attend the meeting, all the information are publicly available in the following documents (click here to download the ZIP file):

1. BIRD methodology – Enhanced BIRD data process

2. BIRD methodology – Methodology for defining data sets

3. BIRD methodology – Mappings

4. BIRD methodology – Transformations Functions

5. BIRD methodology – Historization, versioning

6. BIRD methodology – Extensibility