New BIRD Model Database


Publication of the new database model (19.01.2018):

The next phase of the BIRD requires the use of all the SMCube methodology’s features for an accurate description of datasets and transformations. The new model adds new entities and additional fields to the existing entities which will support the definition of the BIRD content.

The BIRD Group has received requests to publish the new database as soon as possible, for the stakeholders to get a better idea on how the steady-state version will look like.

Therefore, we are publishing a new Access database, aimed at providing a first insight to the new BIRD model, as well as the representation of EBA’s Data Point Model (DPM) on it.

This database contains the following frameworks:

– BIRD (Same version as previously published)

– AnaCredit

– Securities Holding Statistics

– FinRep


Please note that EBA’s DPM is imported into the SMCube methodology automatically from the XBRL taxonomies. All the DPM content remains untouched, only a translation between methodologies is performed (from Data Point Model to SMCube).

We are also publishing a note with a short explanation regarding the main changes in the database, the import of the DPM, and the model for mappings. Please note that this note is not substituting a proper manual on the database, which will come in due time. It is intended to help understanding the changes from the previous model.

Finally, at this moment we are fine-tuning the DPM import and the scripts to apply the mappings, so the database may contain some errors. If you find any error, please write us to

If you are interested in previous releases please click here. For more information about the database please also refer to our methodology.


BIRD_NewModel (.zip)
Methodological Note (.pdf)