BIRD Expert Group


The BIRD Expert group (BIRD-EG) performs the operational tasks of the BIRD project. It consists of members from the banking industry and the European System of Central Banks (ESCB) with expertise regarding reporting requirements and data modelling. These experts maintain and enrich the content of the BIRD documentation.

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If you’re interested in joining the BIRD-EG please feel free to contact us via the Get in Touch section.

The BIRD Expert Group 2018
Name Institution Country
Cristina AbascalBanco de España SPAIN
Susana Aga Aguirre BBVASPAIN
Sophie AhlswedeSingle resolution boardSRB
Francesco AielloUnicredit ITALY
Stefano AppianiUnicredit ITALY
Cyril AudrinnordeaSWITZERLAND
Bozena Bahri Austrian ReportING Services GmbH AUSTRIA
Sonja BartschRaiffeisen Bank International AUSTRIA
Stefan BeckerRaiffeisen Bank International AUSTRIA
Laura BergDZ Bank AG GERMANY
Arjan BosDe Nederlandsche Bank NETHERLANDS
Jacek BregullaUnicredit ITALY
Jennifer BrodBundesbankGERMANY
Costanza ButtinelliUnicredit ITALY
Marco CarnevaliIccrea holdING spaITALY
Andrea CiaparroneUnicredit ITALY
tommaso cinquegrana Intesa San Paolo ITALY
Olga ConradtDeutsche Bank GERMANY
Sabrina ConsoliniBanca d'ItaliaITALY
Francois Xavier CoqueryBNP PARIBASFRANCE
Ines CorreiaEuropean Central BankECB
Niccolò CottiniUnicredit ITALY
Marco CremoniniBPER bancaITALY
Ronald DamhofDe Nederlandsche Bank NETHERLANDS
Bonifacio Di Francescantonio Unicredit ITALY
Elena Diaz Villanueva BBVASPAIN
Emilio Cosimo DilorenzoUnicredit ITALY
Javier Pérez Elices CaixaBank, S.A. SPAIN
Ulrich ErnstING DZ Bank AG GERMANY
Dimitrios EvgenidisDZ Bank AG GERMANY
Nadia FagioliUnicredit ITALY
Rocco FanciulloUnicredit ITALY
Katharina FannING er FannING er Erste Group AGAUSTRIA
Carmen FernandezBanco de España SPAIN
Alberto Fernandez HueteBanco SantanderSPAIN
Petra FreiDZ Bank AG GERMANY
Esteban Gajate Banco Mare Nostrum, S.A. SPAIN
María Gimeno Bonacasa  BBVASPAIN
Ignacio Juan Gonzalez Miñana CaixaBank, S.A. SPAIN
Luca GuarinoniUnicredit ITALY
jochen HennBundesbankGERMANY
Christin HerkerS RatING RisikosystemeGERMANY
Oliver HofeleUnicredit ITALY
Jean-Marc IsraëlEuropean Central BankECB
Marion KearnsAllied Irish Bank, plc IRELAND
Katharina KieneckerOesterreichische Nationalbank AUSTRIA
Spasoje KosticDeutsche Bank GERMANY
Madlen Lange S RatING RisikosystemeGERMANY
Massimo Libertucci European Central Bank ECB
Dominik LinEuropean Central BankECB
Fredrik LindholmnordeaSWITZERLAND
Paolo LorenziniUnicredit ITALY
Guido Paolo LucchelliUnicredit ITALY
Miriam Emanuela MarcheseUnicredit ITALY
Paola MauriziBanca d'ItaliaITALY
Ida MigliaccioBanca d'ItaliaITALY
Alessandro MinoraUnicredit ITALY
Valentina MuranoBanca d'ItaliaITALY
Alexander NiedermaierUnicredit ITALY
Guido Noorman De VolksbankNETHERLANDS
Andrea NovelloEuropean Central BankECB
Giulia OddoneEuropean Central Bank ECB
Giovanni PapiroBanca Monte dei Paschi di Siena S.p.A.ITALY
Giancarlo Pellizzari European Central BankECB
Romana Peronaci European Central BankECB
Dino PipitoneBanca Monte dei Paschi di Siena S.p.A.ITALY
Letizia PoliniUnicredit ITALY
Paolo Poloni European Central BankECB
Sagar PratapsiEuropean Central BankECB
Giosue Domenico PuglieseEuropean Central BankECB
Christine RauthDeutsche Bank GERMANY
Alexander RoesslerUnicredit ITALY
Claus RöslerDZ Bank AG GERMANY
Yuliia Ryzhkova Deutsche Bank GERMANY
Angelo SaponaraEuropean Central Bank ECB
Erika SoaveUnicredit ITALY
Claudia Sowadzki BundesbankGERMANY
Agnes TardosEuropean Central Bank ECB
Stefan ThumBundesbankGERMANY
Silvia TorielloUnicredit ITALY
Laszlo TormaUnicredit ITALY
Piero Trucco Intesa San Paolo ITALY
Torsten UhlmannS RatING RisikosystemeGERMANY
Andrea ValgonioUnicredit ITALY
Huub ValkenbergDe VolksbankNETHERLANDS
Ruben van der HelmDe Nederlandsche Bank NETHERLANDS
Mike VelthaakRabobank Nederland NETHERLANDS
Paolo Fabio VitaliUnicredit ITALY
Anja WagnerUnicredit ITALY
Gerold WillershausenBundesbankGERMANY
The BIRD  Expert Group 2015-2017
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