Countries reference information - Enriched

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Cube Structure Items

Variable ID Role Subdomain
Country of residence CNTRY Dimension ISO 3166-1 alpha-2 code of the country
Credit quality step CRDT_QLTY_STP Observation Credit quality step - full domain
Currency CRRNCY Observation Subdomain for domain ISO-4217 Currency Codes (ISO4217 Domain)
ECAI/ECA ECAI_ECA Observation ECAI/ECA - full domain
External credit assessment EXTRNL_CRDT_ASSSSMNT Observation Generic subdomain strings
Is Member State IS_MMBR_STT Observation Pure boolean (true and false values)
Is short-term credit assessment IS_SHRT_TRM_CRDT_ASSSSMNT Observation Pure boolean (true and false values)

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