Scope of consolidation (CNSLDTN_SCP) It defines the reason of consolidation of an entity in a group (prudential, acounting)
Securitisation/transfer identifier (SCRTSTN_TRNSFR_ID) It univocally identifies each securitisation or credit transfer.
Security Guarantee level (SCRTY_GRNT_LVL)
Security Guarantee level (SCRTY_GRNT_LVL) It defines the security ‘guarantee level’ whether the instrument is guaranteed by an entity different from the issuer, e.g. by the government.
Security identifier (SCRTY_ID) An identifier to uniquely identify each security.
Security level (SCRTY_LVL)
Security level (SCRTY_LVL) It defines the ‘security level’ whether an instrument is secured or unsecured, i.e. whether there is recourse to the cash flows of a securitised portfolio.
Security rank level (SCRTY_RNK_LVL)
Security rank level (SCRTY_RNK_LVL) It defines the security ‘rank level’ how the instrument ranks in case of liquidation relatively compared to other instruments issued by the same issuer.
Security status (SECURITY_STATUS) Supplementary attribute allowing to identify whether an security should be included in securities issued statistics (SEC) or not (it can indicate whether the security is alive or not)
Security status date (DT_SCRTY_STTS) Indicates the Date at which the Security Status has changed from alive to not-alive
Security status date (SECURITY_STATUS_DATE) Security status date
Settlement date (DT_STTLMNT) The date on which the conditions specified in the contract are or can be executed for the first time, i.e. the date on which financial instruments are initially exchanged or created.
SHS - Accounting classification (CL_SHS_ACCNTNG_CLSSFCTN)
SHS - Accounting Standard (CL_SHS_ACC_STANDARD)
SHS - Approach for prudential purposes (CL_SHS_APPRCH_PRDNTL_PRPSS)
SHS - Asset Securitisation type (CL_SHS_ASSET_SECURITISATION_TYP)
SHS - Collateral geographical location (CL_SHS_COLLATERAL_AREA)
SHS - Default status (CL_SHS_DFLT_STTS)
SHS - Entity status (CL_SHS_ENTITY_STATUS)
SHS - Exposure classification (CL_SHS_EXPSR_CLSS)
SHS - Forbearance status (CL_SHS_FRBRNC_STTS)
SHS - Impairment assessment method (CL_SHS_IMPRMNT_ASSSSMNT_MTHD)
SHS - Impairment status (CL_SHS_PRFRMNG_STTS)
SHS - Instrument ESA2010 (CL_SHS_INSTR_ESA2010)
SHS - Instrument Seniority Type (CL_SHS_SENIORITY_TYPE)
SHS - Issuer ESA2010 (CL_SHS_ISSUER_ESA_2010)
SHS - Performing status (CL_SHS_IMPRMNT_STTS)
SHS - Primary asset classification (CL_SHS_PRIMARY_ASSET_CLASS)
SHS - Prudential portfolio (CL_SHS_PRDNTL_PRTFL)
SHS - Security status (CL_SHS_SECURITY_STATUS)
SHS - Sources of encumbrance (CL_SHS_SRC_ENCMBRNC)
Significant risk transfer (SGNFCNT_RSK_TRNSFR) It identifies securitisations where the originator has transferred significant credit risk (Part three, Title II, Chapter 5 of CRR) and it has decided to apply paragraph 1 of article 245.
Source of encumbrance (SRC_ENCMBRNC) Type of transaction in which the exposure is encumbered in accordance with Implementing Regulation (EU) No 680/2014. An asset will be treated as encumbered if it has been pledged or if it is subject to any form of arrangement to secure, collateralise or credit enhance any instrument from which it cannot be freely withdrawn.
Specific risk weight (SPCFC_RSK_WGHT) Specific risk weight.
Status (STTS)
Status of legal proceedings (LGL_PRCDNG_STTS)
Status of the security, whether the instrument is active and not active (SCRTY_STTS)
Status of the security, whether the instrument is active and not active (SCRTY_STTS) It indicates the status of the security, i.e. whether the instrument is alive (active) or not alive (not active)
Street (STRT) Entity's street address, including the street number.
String (STRNG)
String up to 120 characters limited to letters (capital and low cases), numbers, dash and underscore (STRNG_120_ID)
String up to 255 characters (ASCII printable characters) (STRNG_255_ASCII_PRNTBL)
String up to 60 characters limited to letters (capital and low cases), numbers, dash and underscore (STRNG_RSTRCTD_ID)
String with strictly 20 characters (STRNG_PTTRN_LEI)
Subdomain for domain ISO-3166 Country Codes (ISO3166 Domain) staging (ISO3166_STGNG)
Subdomain for domain ISO-4217 Currency Codes (ISO4217 Domain) (ISO4217)
Subdomain for the members of CreQua in Ana Credit for instrument (CRDT_QLTY_PRFRMNG_STTS_ANCRDT_CLLCTN)
Subordinated debt (SBRDNTD_DBT)
Subordinated debt (SBRDNTD_DBT) Identification of subordinated debt. Subordinated debt instruments provide a subsidiary claim on the issuing institution that can only be exercised after all claims with a higher status (e.g. deposits/loans) have been satisfied.
Subordinated debt - Enriched input layer (SBRDNTD_DBT_E)
Subtype of protection (SBTYP_PRTCTN) The list of the subtypes of protection.
Subtype of the protection (SBTYP_PRTCTN) Subtype of the protection received.
Subtypes of protection applicable to other physical collateral (SBTYP_PRTCTN)
Syndicated contract identifier (SYNDCTD_CNTRCT_ID) 'Contract identifier' applied by the lead arranger of the syndicated contract to uniquely identify each contract. Each syndicated contract will have one 'syndicated contract identifier'. This value will not change over time and cannot be used by the lead arranger as the contract identifier for any other contract. All creditors participating in the syndicated contract must use the same 'syndicated contract identifier'.